The Stig


Victor didn’t go unremarked in the UAE Tour and Paris – Nice at the start of the season. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to meet the goals he had set out, but he appeared in a very good condition, which seemed very promising for what was yet to come.

Due to the worldwide corona crisis, races are canceled and cyclists are semi-unemployed.
So, Victor had the idea to bridge this period with his own YouTube channel, where you can follow his daily training and entertainment: YouTube

He’s a busy bee and the hard work should pay off in the rest of the season. Enjoy his videos! Don’t forget to subscribe and give a thumbs-up.

This evening (31/3/20 at 21:23 GMT+1) the amazing film ‘De Stig’ will be broadcast on Flemish TV “VRT 1”. Whoever complains and moans during their time in quarantine will see the light after watching this film and find new inspiration for life!

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