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Program Victor Campenaerts

Dear supporters,


Here we have a recent update of the program of our champ Victor Campenaerts!


Sunday July 5: A fair-race in Rotselaar. If there is a fairground race, there are normally no pros present. But now all cyclists are eager to race! Spectacle guaranteed and enough space for the public on the 15 km track.

10/7/2020 – 24/7/2020 NTT team training in Lucca, Italy

6/8 – 9/8/2020 Tour of the Czech Republic.

20/8/2020 Belgian Championship ITT Koksijde

– European Championship ITT Plouay France (?)

1/9 – 5/9/2020 The week of Coppi e Bartali

20/9/2020 World Cup ITT Aigle Switzerland

9/22/2020 Belgian Championship Anzegem?

3/10 – 25/10/2020 Giro

Voila, this is what the season looks like right now. The European Championship in Plouay is not yet official, and neither is the Belgian Championship ITT in Koksijde. BK in Anzegem is in the balance with the World Cup mixed relay that takes place on 23/9/2020.

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