Start nieuw seizoen

Make a note of this date in your agenda,
because you certainly want to be here too !!


The Tour of Guangxi in China is over. Our ‘Time Trial Superstar’ – as the Velon commentator called him – has driven its last race of the season. This was also his last race for Lotto Soudal.

But Victor won’t stop this year:

  • Victor Campenaerts does not yet know whether he can actually go to the Olympic Games next year.
    Nevertheless, he will soon examine the route over there: “I am traveling to Tokyo for a first introduction to the NTT sponsor. I will take the opportunity to explore the circuit. “
  • Victor also wants to improve a record during the 79th Six Days of Ghent.
    Victor will try to improve Dirk Baert’s track record over 5 kilometers. In 1981 Baert has driven those 5 kilometers in 6’13” and 56 hundredths.
    So, on Sunday, November 17, Victor will first be honored for his world hour record and then he will take action himself.
    We do not yet know what this can mean for you, fans of Victor, but we will keep you informed!


And then comes December 1, 2019 …


We will come back to this extensively in a next newsletter …